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Groundwater protection and remediation laboratory

Our lab is focus on the groundwater remediation using physicochemical technologies. We have developed nanoscale zero-valent iron and aluminum-based bimetals for both reductive and oxidative degradation of a wide array of contaminants in water. Our lab has many analytic instruments including GC, HPLC, IC, BET surface analyzer, FTIR and glove box.




  • (1) 氣相層析儀(GC)
  • (2) 離子層析儀(IC)
  • (3) 傅立葉紅外線光譜儀(FTIR)
  • (4) 比表面積分析儀
  • (5) 高效能液相層析儀(HPLC)
  • (6) 厭氧操作箱